b. May 16, 2007 - d. August 9 2014

Odin went in for a tieback operation to open his airway in order to make his breathing easier.  We had lost his mother at the end of March from the same condition, and I wanted to get the surgery done for him while he was still young and in good shape, hoping to prolong his life.  He vomited, aspirated and got pneumonia.  We lost him three days later.  I will live every day with the guilt of putting him through this, and knowing we might have had more time together if I had not chosen to do the surgery. I'm so so sorry buddy, it wasn't supposed to work out this way.  
Please know everything I ever did for you was only to make your life better.  I miss you so much.

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Page Updated :  January 22, 2012

Odin loves to pose for the camera
Odin on the right with his mother Leisel

Odin's Pedigree


Chequamegon's Alberta Clipper


Lelionaz Miss Gray of Ann's Lion 

Knockando's Deidesheim With Blossom

Heronview's a Perfect Princess 
CKC LY782650

Leoniitan Washable Lion 

Lelionaz Ursus Ponica Exotica
Limeblossom Gemini-of-Rubus

Garplyckan's Eclair av Jarko 

Kahulalion Braveheart 
Duvasgardens Hopeful Henrietta
Alnuspark Uparis 
Leoniitan Amoriina 
Ursus uit 't Berggat 
Remrod's Prinsess On Ice 
Remrod's Vita Rubus Fruticosus
Stjarnbackas Edikta v. Poppel
Remmen's Jarko 
Garplyckan's Bianchi av Jason 
Ygor-Sam v.d. Villenburg 
Rachel Dunajska luzna
Lejonskogens Bernhard v Mai Maloya
Duvasgardens Complete Mix 
Alpha du Nant de Sally
Gesabina Brouhaha
Troldegaard's Eddi 
Lejonlands Ortgumma
Onze Willem ex Domo Leonis 
Quanda ex Domo Leonis
Arko av Nordens Love 
Mathoaka's Girl Running for Remrod