January 11, 2010 - May 9, 2016
LPN1 and LPN2 N/N,  LEMP D/N Eyes tested "clear",  Heart "normal",
Hips OFA good, elbows clear, thyroid normal OFA CHIC# 83165
Tegan is a tall girl at 29 inches, and she weighs 138 pounds

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Page Updated :  July 1 2013

Tegan's Pedigree


Rekileijonan Baldur  


Heronview's Dirty Dancer

Skjaergaardens Painted By Rubens

Rekileijonan Sulokas Sohvi 

Kahulalion Braveheart 

Duvasgardens Hopeful Henrietta 
Skjaergaardens Harley Low Rider
Skjaergaardens Ghost Girl 
Applebay's Chief Chevert 
Leijonamielen Larpan Namppu 
Ygor-Sam v.d. Villenburg 
Rachel Dunajska luzna 
Lejonskogens Bernhard v Mai Maloya 
Duvasgardens Complete MIX
Bukkene Bruse Nyter Snickers
Skjaergaardens Last Tribute by Sansi 

Varpelidens Dick Droste 
Skjaergaardens New Hope
Dragongardens Red Devil 
Cheyenne v. Lowengarten 
Larendo v. Lowengarten 
Leijonamielen Unon Dilindalin
Astus du Grand Cedre 
Wanja v.d. Villenburg 
Igor Dunajska luzna 

Gracia Dunajska luzna 
Sjo Bjornens Kasper 
Skjaergaardens Mai Maloya
Sjo Bjornens Sol Gutten
Sjo Bjornens Magnifix Mix

Tegan was one of a kind.  There has never been a dog like this for me, and never will be another who holds such a place in my heart.  She is missed more than words can express.