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Page Updated : August 15 2016

MONTY  2006 - 2010

SHERMAN   1999 - 2005
HAILEY     1998 - 2008
BENSON    1996 - 2006
Sometimes dogs cross our paths and they touch us like no other has in the past. A special bond that is unexplainable to any one who has not felt the same. 

In my life I have heard over and over "they are just a dog". They are fine outside, they have food, water, and shelter. And while this is what most authorities consider providing for, it isn’t the dog I feel sorry, but the human. The lack of the tail wag when the human arrives home, the loyalty that can be shown only through a dog. The human is lacking a relationship that they will never get to experience, a bond like no other. And sadly, with the lack of this relationship and this bond, these dogs are left on the back burner, left behind when the rest of the family moves forward, replaced when they are no longer cute or won’t stop eating the couch. 

But for many, our dogs are more than just a dog. They are our confidantes, our partners in crime. They warm our beds and melt our hearts. Our dogs become our workout partners, foot warmers, and couch companions. They listen without passing judgment. They teach us how to be humble and how to truly love. 

For many of us, our dogs are what keep us fit and keep us busy. Not only do we teach them how to enjoy life, they teach us how to enjoy the little things, to be excited over something simple, and laugh at ourselves. They encourage us to be silly and to not always take life so seriously. They ask for so little but give so much.   These dogs stand by our side through thick and thin and never question why. They accept us for who we are. 

When we are close to our dogs we understand them and sometimes they tell us it is time to go. It is never long enough, but the time comes that we must say good-bye. A day that none of us ever wants to face.  A day many of us cry for even long before it happens. But it is our job, our duty. Our dogs have stood by our side through their life, we must stand by them in the end.  Allow them to go when they are ready, not when we are. They don’t want us to cry for them, but we always do and no one can say anything to make the pain go away. We know that the pain will eventually subside, but the memories never will. For it was our dogs that taught us to love so deeply. And while I cry for the pain of loss and I cry for others when they have lost, I again feel truly sad for the person who has not felt such loss as they have not truly known the love a dog.